SUGRAMA – Grama Panchayat Chunayitha Mahila Prathinidhigala Sangha – Karnataka mobilizes Grama Panchayat elected women representatives towards self-reliant action, empowering women as key change agents and engages with local government in bringing positive change through collective action and advocacy.

SUGRAMA at a glance:

Formed in 2010, SUGRAMA completed its first full five year tenure between 2010 and 2015 and is currently in its second tenure. Apropos to the elections conducted to Grama Panchayats in 2015, the new body of taluk level and state level federation was constituted with the smooth transfer of powers from the earlier members to the new incumbents in 2016. With the new board being in place, SUGRAMA aspires to continue its efforts in bringing in positive change thereby look at just and equitable society.

EWR’s play a vital role in terms of:

Choosing of priorities in development planning that are more gender sensitive.

Creating appropriate method to deal with the issues and implementation.

Collecting common experiences in facing oppression and patriarchy, exclusion, personal insecurity, etc

March, 2020 – the country came to a grinding halt due to COVID-19. India announced one of the harshest lockdown during 2020 and 2021. This resulted in postponement of Grama Panchayat elections from June to December 2020. The Government of Karnataka came up with the constitution of task force committee at the Grama Panchayat Level. EWRs undeterred by the pandemic, continued to support the community through the basic amenities and livelihood support through MGNREGA. Extensive visits were made by them to every household to raise awareness about COVID-19.

  • They visited hospitals and quarantine centres to ensure adequate medical facilities in place.
  • Apprehensions of EWRs were noticed as they too felt risky with the spread of the pandemic and family objected their visits as they might become carriers of the pandemic.
  • Ensured delivery of ration kits to every household through the PDS outlets and dry ration kits to children from anganawadi and schools.
  • Supported returning migrants through job cards and jobs under MGNREGA.
  • Monitored the disbursement of all social security schemes – pensions and other monetary benefits from state and central government to the rightful beneficiaries.
  • Supported and guided children in online and offline classes conducted by the Government and ensured teacher continues in facilitate children thereby avoiding children dropping out of schools.
  • With loss of jobs, migration, economic instability and increased family members, incidents of violence against women and children were addressed by EWRs

Advocacy footprints of SUGRAMA

Our Outreach:

  • 05 Districts
  • 14 Taluks
  • SUGRAMA lost its founding President Smt. Renuka Ramareddy in 2021. Being the President of SUGRAMA for two terms, Renuka worked towards strengthening the federation and work according to the principles of collective stand towards good governance. Her work will be remembered forever and SUGRAMA wishes to continue her aspirations forward.